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Can laser treatments help with scar removal?

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22nd February 2019

Have you been considering laser treatment for acne scars, or other shallow scars? If so, what is it that’s been putting you off? Perhaps you don’t know enough about the procedure and you’re not sure if it’s safe, or suitable for you. Maybe you’re worried about it going wrong and ending up with results that you feel make your skin look worse.


Our practitioner is highly professional and very experienced, but don’t take our word for it. Come and meet us to find out more about how many clients we’ve treated and the results we consistently achieve. Until then, here’s a bit more about the treatment itself.

What is laser treatment?


This is a skin treatment which involves wavelengths of light penetrating deeper than the epidermis, or surface layer, to break up the cells that formed the blemishes. Old scars can be reduced and even removed, so they’re no longer prominent. The laser vaporises the cells that make up the scar, as well as the layers that are on top of them, closer to the surface.


Once your body realises that this has happened, it is tricked into thinking an injury has occurred. In response, new skin tissue is created, and collagen production is increased. Collagen is the key ingredient of younger looking skin as it’s what creates new skin cells. The resulting new skin that grows where your old scar once was will be fresh, new, firm and younger looking, full of elasticity and vitality.


Is it safe?


Skin laser treatment is very safe. The laser is operated by a practitioner who has years of experience in both correcting skin problems and operating a laser for precisely this purpose.  Unlike other skin treatments, there’s no chance of having a reaction. The only side effects are likely to be temporary skin sensitivity and some slight redness.


The sort of results you can expect


Once collagen production has been stimulated, you’ll need to wait at least a few days, giving the targeted skin a chance to heal and fresh skin tissue to be created. That collagen increase should continue for a little longer, to provide increased improvements to the areas for a few weeks afterwards.


It’s not just shallow scars that can be removed via laser treatment. Fine lines and wrinkles, tattoos and pigmented skin that has occurred as a result of melasma or sun damage can all be reduced, providing you with a clearer, more even and more youthful looking skin tone.


Lasers can be used to administer a number of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. It effectively and permanently removes hair from the face and body, leading to an 80% reduction in regrowth. It can break up tattoos and it can get rid of the red spidery veins that appears on the face either as we get older, or as a result of rosacea.


To find out more about the laser treatments, or other cosmetic procedures we currently offer, please get in touch. Our reception team will be able to advise you about our range and book you in for an initial consultation, so you can have your skin assessed by our practitioner.

*Individual treatment outcomes may vary. Specific outcome is not guaranteed.