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Dermal fillers for lip and cheek enhancement

at Dr Deborah McManners’ clinic

Over time, the natural ageing process combined with environmental and lifestyle factors cause the skin’s processes and functions to slow down. The cells and substances which provided volume and plumpness decrease in numbers and the visible signs of ageing become more noticeable.*

Dr McManners has an in-depth understanding of the skin and ageing process combined with a wealth of experience in using dermal fillers to combat volume loss and lack of definition. Dermal fillers are smooth gels formulated with hyaluronic acid – a naturally-occurring substance that helps to maintain healthy skin. When used precisely and appropriately, they can add volume, contour and definition with natural-looking results.*

Dr McManners is renowned for enhancing cheeks and lips with dermal fillers. Using superior dermal-filler products, cheeks can be expertly plumped with shadows, hollows and dips around the cheek bone restored and rejuvenated. This can also help to improve the look of the jawline while lifting the look of the eye area.*

Lip enhancement is an exact science at Dr McManners’ clinic designed to complement and flatter all facial features. Filler is placed precisely to add volume, restore shape and define the vermillion border (the lips’ natural outline) and Cupid’s bow.*

The tear trough is the area between the cheek and lower eyelid. As we age, volume is lost which can cause dark circles to appear under the eyes. As a specialist in eye-rejuvenation treatments, Dr McManners using fillers in this area to restore lost volume and reduce circles for a fresher, brighter and younger look.*

  • Adds volume and contour to the cheek area*
  • Defines and shapes lips while boosting plumpness*
  • Treats the tear-trough area to reduce dark circles*

Individual results may vary.

Treatment at a glance


Up to 60 minutes


Up to12 months*


Possible swelling & bruising (24 hours)


Numbing cream


Individual results may vary.

Complementary procedures

Your questions answered

  1. What are dermal fillers?

    Dermal fillers are gels made from hyaluronic acid. They can help to target loss of volume and add contour and definition particularly to the lips and cheek area.*

  2. How long do the results last?

    This does depend on the area treated and your metabolism. Most of our patients see results lasting for up to 12 months or longer.*

  3. What happens to the dermal filler after it’s been injected?

    Over time, the dermal filler will break down naturally and be reabsorbed by the body.

  4. Does it hurt?

    Most of our patients experience very little discomfort. We can use a numbing cream before treatment begins. Dr McManners is extremely experienced in gentle injecting techniques and the dermal fillers contain anaesthetic to reduce discomfort further still.*

  5. How do I care for the area after treatment?

    You may experience some minor swelling or redness immediately after the treatment but this should pass quickly. Any bruising will go down after a few days.* Avoid sun beds, saunas, steam rooms and extreme temperatures and it’s important to not wear make-up for 12 hours after your treatment.

  6. Are dermal fillers safe?

    Dermal fillers are an extremely safe treatment and many thousands of procedures have been carried out. Allergic reactions are very rare.


Individual results may vary.

“My lips looked thin and flat – they’d never been full to begin with and had definitely got worse with time. Lip enhancement has made all the difference and I maintain the results every few months.”

Amy, Kent

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    *Individual treatment outcomes may vary. Specific outcome is not guaranteed.