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PDO thread lifts

at Dr Deborah McManners’ clinic

A PDO thread lift is a viable alternative to a traditional surgical facelift that’s far less invasive with very little downtime.* Dr McManners is highly skilled in this advanced treatment that demands an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy and surgical skills.

The treatment is based on the placement of fine threads under the skin. A precise amount of tension is then applied to the threads to help achieve the desired lift. The effect is immediate and works particularly well for the brow, cheeks, mid face, jowl area and neck.*

PDO thread lifts also have longer-term rejuvenating effects. The disruption caused below the skin initiates growth-factor release. Fibroblast activation then triggers new collagen formation which is remodelled after a few weeks. This creates a support meshwork of collagen helping to plump and firm skin.*

  • Can sharpen and define the jaw, chin and jowl area*
  • Raise drooping brows and tighten lower eye-bag area*
  • Restore cheek volume and height*
  • Improve nasolabial (nose-to-mouth) and marionette (corner-of-mouth to chin) lines*
  • Helps to rejuvenate skin over time*
  • Mimics the effects of a surgical facelift in a far less invasive way*

Individual results may vary.

Treatment at a glance


Up to 60 minutes


Immediate lift with longer-term plumping and firming for up to 18 months*


Bruising and/or slight swelling that usually subsides within a few days*


Numbing cream


Individual results may vary.

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Your questions answered

  1. What does the PDO in PDO thread lift stand for?

    PDO stands for polydioxanone which is what the threads are made of. This biodegradable synthetic polymer is used in medicine to make sutures and prosthetic devices.

  2. What does the treatment involve?

    The threads are deployed under the skin using a fine micro-needle or cannula. The lifting effects can be seen immediately.*

  3. What happens to the threads?

    Over time (around 6 months), the threads are reabsorbed by the body.

  4. How long do the effects last?

    Although the lifting effect is immediate, results do build over the first few weeks after treatment peaking at around 6 months and lasting for up to 18 months.*

  5. Are there any side effects?

    There may be slight swelling or puffiness which could last for a few days. Any bruising usually subsides within a week. There is a small risk of infection, skin puckering and minor scarring.*

  6. Is it safe?

    A PDO thread lift is a safe procedure when carried out by an experienced and highly-trained medical professional.


Individual results may vary.

“I looked so tired before I had the PDO thread lift. After the treatment, I could see how my skin looked lifted and firmed. A few weeks later and the results were even better. Dr McManners talked through the whole procedure with me and I felt in safe hands throughout – her expertise is so reassuring.”

Gillian, Blackheath

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    *Individual treatment outcomes may vary. Specific outcome is not guaranteed.