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Naturopathic and anti-ageing clinic

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Dr McManners is an established practitioner and author of regenerative medicine. As a registered naturopath, the doctor aims to promote, restore and maintain health by naturally balancing the body and emotional wellbeing. Delaying the signs of ageing and boosting well-being is integral to this approach and can be seen in the doctor’s passion for effectively combining natural medicine and anti-ageing techniques.

Naturopathy is a distinct primary health-care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. It is based on the healing power of nature, supporting and stimulating the natural ability of the body to heal itself. Naturopathy is the art and science of diagnosis, treatment and prevention using natural therapies including: botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathic, disease prevention, lifestyle advice, regenerative medicine and hormone balancing.

The natural world is brimming with solutions to conditions that come with getting older. From antioxidants in food and herbs to help ward off disease to vitamins that promote good skin health, there’s a wealth of biological resources that can help us stay sharp, energetic and naturally young.

Dr McManners can help to optimise well-being and delay the signs of ageing with a comprehensive and tailored naturopathic treatment strategy. This begins with a comprehensive medical history and lifestyle evaluation to ensure that hormonal, nutritional and biochemical statuses are in balance. Dr McManners’ utilises this information to understand and provide a completely personalised prescription and treatment plan that takes a truly holistic approach to anti-ageing, health, wellbeing and vitality.

Healthy hair growth can also be promoted through this type of treatment strategy. A whole range of medical, emotional and lifestyle conditions can prevent the body from effectively absorbing the essential nutrients it needs to support healthy hair. Dr McManners’ naturopathic treatment can help to address these conditions.

  • A naturopathic approach to anti-ageing and wellbeing
  • Treatment plan is based on an in-depth medical history and lifestyle evaluation
  • Self healing is promoted through nutrition support.
  • Complemented by expertise in anti–ageing procedures

Individual results may vary.

Complementary procedure

Your questions answered

  1. What are the origins of naturopathy?

    Naturopathy first emerged in Ancient Greece. Hippocrates suggested that the cause of disease and appropriate natural remedies could only be established when the whole person was analysed with all aspects of their health and well-being.

    Today, it’s based on the underlying principle that everything within the body is interlinked. The mind, body and spirit must be in balance for total harmony – disruption of just one of these aspects causes symptoms to show in different areas.

  2. Why is naturopathy combined with aesthetic medical procedures?

    Dr McManners develops treatment strategies that are testament to the powerful benefits of combining anti-ageing medicine with a naturopathic approach. These procedures are tailored to the individual, are non-invasive and involve natural or naturally-derived substances. Treating the body well from the inside may help to counteract the physical signs of ageing and vice versa. For example, skin ageing can indicate important physiological changes such as a decrease in hydration, nutritional status and skin-barrier breakdown which could slow metabolic activity and immune function. Making changes to diet and lifestyle could make a significant difference.*

    Ultimately, Dr McManners’ approach takes into account the entire person rather than focusing only on distinct areas and concerns.

  3. Which lifestyle factors will the initial evaluation take into account?

    Building a complete and comprehensive profile of how an individual lives helps Dr McManners to determine factors which could affect the ageing process and well-being. These include exposure to the sun, weather and climatic changes (known as photoageing) as well as stress and nutrition.

  4. How long does the initial evaluation take?

    Your initial consultation will include a full medical history and lifestyle evaluation so plan to be with us for up to 60 minutes.

  5. Will I have follow-up visits?

    Yes – a complete treatment strategy will be agreed at the end of the initial consultation. Depending on the details of your treatment plan, you’ll be asked to return to check progress within 2 -3 weeks and follow-up on any further procedures.

  6. How long will the treatment plan take?

    Taking a naturopathic approach to ageing and well-being is about learning and incorporating the advice into your life, with results building over time. There may be specific milestones within your programme depending on its individual elements – Dr McManners will talk through this in detail during your consultation.


Individual results may vary.

“Dr McManners’ naturopathic approach really has touched all areas of my life. I look at my health and the ageing process differently now and feel much more confident about making the right choices for me.”

Andrea, Balham

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